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Real Good TV.
It's a celebration of life's journey. It's about the roads we all take in life and the burdens we bear, the treasures we share,  pursuing our own dreams and destiny, along the way.  When Kevin Sport, singer/songwriter/tv personality began his personal quest to chase his heart's dreams, little did he know his heart was  developing  a unique brand of entertainment centered around the universal desire of “following your dream.” At a discouraging time on his road and a chance meeting with now manager, Terry Spivey, the simple, honest sharing of his dreams, quickly led to Kevin and a small team producing “The Right Place with Kevin Sport,” an original television show first airing on Sport South, a regionally FOX owned network,

The Right Place.
The central theme for The Right Place was and remains, “when following your dreams, your God given dreams, you're always in the right place.” The filming of performances  and interviews with hit songwriters and artists, as well as stellar up and coming talent, allows Kevin to share and expound upon this central truth in the purest of ways...through original music and authentic stories. No matter how hard the journey, regardless of where we may find ourselves in any given moment, if it's our God given dream, then we are indeed in...the Right Place. And Kevin's performances, heart to heart conversations and behind the scenes footage of the creative life brings this to full light.

The Right Place was filmed in a number of locations and settings until finally finding its current home in Maury County, a suburb of the Nashville scene. Today, most of these episodes are still filmed there. Finding his right place, as well as kindred spirits willing to share their's, became the trademark of the show and its tag line became its mission. “When following your dream, your God given dream, you're always in the right place.”  Still today, ever faithful to his foundation, it is this very passion, listening and following the heart that has made The Right Place the perfect foundation for an entirely new journey for Kevin Sport and company.

Another chance meeting with Nashville singer/writer/musician John Hound Brown on a Nashville tour bus during a Christmas tour brought yet another unexpected gift...the perfect creative partner, strengthening the already solid team of Good Sport Productions: manager Terry Spivey, writer/associate director Holly Todd and film director/editor Ross Jaynes. As Kevin often says, “sometimes you just don't know why you are lead to create certain things, why you meet certain people. Crazy or not, you have to keep the faith and trust your journey.” Trusting his and staying in the right place is working out good, real good for a talented group of like minded souls.

Real Good TV.
Being in the right place at the right time with the right people produces magic. Another “chance” meeting with veteran CBS videographer/producer Mike Smith at a Hank Williams hometown celebration in Georgiana, Alabama  delivered just that. With an impressive team of seasoned creatives coming together, it is the right place for... Real Good TV. After airing on national network RFD-TV for several seasons, while keeping an eye on positive new consumer digital trends, this unique creative group realizes, now is the place and time to go for their heart's desire. Perhaps for the first time in modern history, creative people today are free to express themselves openly and freely, without the constraints and burdens of an entire network with competing messages weighing on them. In simple terms, the time has come. It's spring 2016 and the right place for... Real Good TV.

Real Good TV is a brand new VOD (video on demand) channel available on ROKU. It's mission is simple. The promise is this. Bringing you the best of  inspiring music, videos and new original TV shows, truly worth watching, when you have time to truly enjoy. Great content is ever important, great delivery even more so. Real Good TV also welcomes well known TV entertainment correspondent, Lisa Blackwell. Stay in the right place, stay tuned. Real Good TV is here and it ain't just good... it's Real Good TV!

Real Good TV is produced by Good Sport Productions, Nashville, TN.

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